I want to write an unnumbered theorem in a paper. I defined


and expected to obtain

Theorem Theorem text

Instead, I obtained

Theorem Theorem text

i.e. the "Theorem" string is both boldface and italics. When I remove the star in \spnewtheorem, and define instead


I obtain

Theorem 1 Theorem text

as expected. I think this may be a bug in the definition of \spnewtheorem*. How does one correct it or notify it to Springer? Does anyone know?

My svjour3.cls file is dated "2010/11/25 v3.3" and my pdflatex executable is version "pdfTeX 3.141592653-2.6-1.40.24 (TeX Live 2022/Homebrew)"

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How does one correct it?

I suggest you write


i.e., add the directive \upshape.

Of course, you may also choose to contact Springer and alert them to an issue that may be a bug.

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Addendum, prompted by @egreg's comment: Just in case your document happens to modify the default font family and/or font encoding, it would be preferable to execute


i.e., to replace \upshape (used in the earlier instruction) with \normalfont. Of course, do make sure to execute \normalfont before rather than after \bfseries.


\begin{theorem*} Theorem text \end{theorem*}
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    I'd prefer \normalfont instead of \upshape.
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    Oct 8, 2022 at 13:18
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