I'd like to share my page in 4 areas: A, B, C, D page is half share horizontally and each of this areas are shared in half vertically .

A in the top left where text rotate of 180° and is aligns on the right margin B in the top right where text rotate of 180°and is aligns on the right margin C in the bottom left where text are normaly and is aligns on the left margin C in the bottom right where text are normaly and is aligns on the left margin

I'd like to make a template that make my text "flow" in area A, B, C then D.

I'd prefer to avoid the use of a table but if it's the easier way, I'm not against.

here is the code I have made, it rotate text but text a left aligned and fail to make 2 columns


% preambule




here a pic to show what i want. Sharing lines may optionally be display or hidden. and part A and B can be tab instead of 2 columns, and if part A can't contain all the tab, it will continue in B part (Part A still reversed and part B normal. enter image description here

enter image description here


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Like this?

With expl3, 2 keys:

  1. nbrows (4 by default)
  2. angle (0° by defaut)

with tabularray

  1. comment hlines,vlines, if if not delineated

  2. colspec={*{2}{Q[l,m,wd=0.45\linewidth]}}, for the width of the column

  3. rows = {0.1\textheight} for the height of the rows

    \seq_new:N \l__nameyourmodule_elem_seq
    \tl_new:N \l__nameyourmodule_table_tl
    \tl_new:N \l__nameyourmodule_nbrows_tl
    \tl_new:N \l__nameyourmodule_angle_tl
    \tl_new:N \l__nameyourmodule_rowHeight_tl
    \keys_define:nn { yourtable }
            nbrows .tl_set:N = \l__nameyourmodule_nbrows_tl,
            angle .tl_set:N = \l__nameyourmodule_angle_tl,
            %%% default values 
            nbrows .initial:n = { 4 },
            angle .initial:n = { 0 },
    \NewDocumentCommand{\mytable}{O{} m }
        \keys_set:nn { yourtable } { #1 }
        \seq_set_from_clist:Nn \l__nameyourmodule_elem_seq {#2}
        \tl_clear:N \l__nameyourmodule_table_tl
        \int_step_inline:nn {\l__nameyourmodule_nbrows_tl}
        % \seq_map_inline:Nn \l__nameyourmodule_elem_seq  
        \tl_put_right:Nn \l__nameyourmodule_table_tl 
            \seq_item:Nn \l__nameyourmodule_elem_seq {##1} & 
            \seq_item:Nn \l__nameyourmodule_elem_seq {\l__nameyourmodule_nbrows_tl+##1}\\
            \use:x% code of frougon  https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/648904/misplaced-alignment-tab-character-with-tabularray-and-expl3
                \exp_not:n {\begin{tblr}
                                rows = {0.1\textheight}
                \exp_not:V {\l__nameyourmodule_table_tl}
                \exp_not:n {\end{tblr}}

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