I'm having an issue with styling a particular type of commutative diagram on Tikzcd. I want to be able to label the arrow coming from C to A in the example diagram below:

A \arrow{r}{F} \arrow{d} & B \\
C \arrow[u, bend left=16] \arrow[ru, "\psi" description] \arrow{r}[swap]{f} & D

It seems I cannot put the label after the block where I determine the bend of the arrow, neither can I pass it as a secondary option inside of the block [] . So how do I proceed here?

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Use more consistently the “modern” interface:



A \arrow[r,"F"] \arrow[d] & B \\
C \arrow[u, shift left=1, bend left=16, "\varphi"]
  \arrow[ru, "\psi" description]
  \arrow[r,"f"'] & D


enter image description here

  • Is there some known conflict with packages or some other syntax I need to use it inside an equation environment? For me, your code fails because it thinks the labels are colors. Oct 18, 2022 at 16:27

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