I am looking to make a page that has in the header

chapter chapter num -------------------------chaptertitle

for both odd and even pages.

Any pointers? Can someone explain how a sectionmark gets displayed in the header? And how to change the rightmark? thank you

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    It depends on which classes and packages you're using. Please tell us the class, the page style and packages you load for headings (fancyhdr or scrpage2?) The best would be a small compilable example. – Stefan Kottwitz Dec 6 '10 at 19:38

This is very easy with titlesec. See code below for a basic structure.


  \sethead[\chaptername\ \thechapter][][\chaptertitle]{\chaptername\ \thechapter}{}{\chaptertitle}


As always, the blindtext package is only for creating dummy text thus not part of the solution.

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