Using TikZ package, I want to draw the following kinds of diagrams:

enter image description here

The above image is obtained from a physics paper Physical Review B 75, 045317 (2007). Since such diagrams are common in physics, I suspect that there is some package that makes drawing such diagrams easier. Could you suggest such package?

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I'm not sure what a general diagram like this might look like, but this particular diagram can be drawn with standard tikz commands. You can adjust xscale and yscale if you wish.

enter image description here




\begin{tikzpicture}[xscale=.8, yscale=.5, nodes={execute at begin node=$, execute at end node=$}]
\draw (-3,0)node[above]{I}--(3,0)node[above]{I};
\draw (-2,0)--(-2,1)node[above]{2j\!-\!1};
\draw (-1,0)--(-1,1)node[above]{2j};
\draw (1,0)--(1,1)node[above]{(2j)'};
\draw (2,0)--(2,1)node[above]{\quad(2j\!-\!1)'};
\node[above] at (0,0){c};


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