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How to draw this figure in tikz picture. can anybody give provide me its code.

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try this code


\tikzset{Point/.style={draw,fill,circle=0.5mm,inner sep=0.5mm}}

\node[Point, label={[right,name={L11}]:$U_{1,1}$}](u11){};
\node[Point,below=1em of u11, label={[right,name=L12]:$U_{1,2}$}](u12){};
\node[Point,below=1em of u12, label={[right,name=L13]:$U_{1,3}$}](u13){};

\node[Point, below=6em of u13,label={[right,name={L21}]:$U_{2,1}$}](u21){};
\node[Point,below=1em of u21, label={[right,name=L22]:$U_{2,2}$}](u22){};
\node[Point,below=1em of u22, label={[right,name=L23]:$U_{2,3}$}](u23){};
\node[fit=(u1)(u2),draw, ellipse,label=U]{};


\node[Point, label={[right,name={L11}]:$V_{1,1}$}](v11){};
\node[Point,below=1em of v11, label={[right,name=L12]:$V_{1,2}$}](v12){};
\node[Point,below=1em of v12, label={[right,name=L13]:$V_{1,3}$}](v13){};
\node[Point,below=1em of v13, label={[right,name=L14]:$V_{1,4}$}](v14){};

\node[Point, below=8em of v13,label={[right,name={L21}]:$V_{2,1}$}](v21){};
\node[Point,below=1em of v21, label={[right,name=L22]:$V_{2,2}$}](v22){};
\node[Point,below=1em of v22, label={[right,name=L23]:$V_{2,3}$}](v23){};
\node[fit=(v1)(v2),draw, ellipse,label=V]{};

\draw (u1) -- (v12);
\draw (u2) -- (v12);


enter image description here

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