I'm using altacv to compile my Resume. My tex file is a minor transformation of the sample.tex file included in the package. For some reason, I cannot get the publications to print correctly. I have the following:

\nocite or \printbibliography




\nocite{*} % alternatively: \printbibliography




Either choice results in the section heading "Publications" but no entries from the alex.bib file.


Instead of \nocite{*} I have also tried:

\printbibliography[heading=pubtype,title={\printinfo{\faFile*[regular]}{Articles}}, type=article]
\printbibliography[heading=pubtype,title={\printinfo{\faBook*[regular]}{Manuals}}, type=manual]
\printbibliography[heading=pubtype,title={\printinfo{\faMediumM*[regular]}{Misc}}, type=misc]

This produces the following error:

! Package biblatex Error: Heading 'pubtype' not found.

See the biblatex package documentation for explanation.
Type  H <return>  for immediate help.

l.170 ...File*[regular]}{Articles}}, type=article]

? ^D
! Emergency stop.

l.170 ...File*[regular]}{Articles}}, type=article]

!  ==> Fatal error occurred, no output PDF file produced!

My internet searching for solutions has come up without solutions. Any help much appreciated!

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You need to add both \printbibliography and \nocite{*} to list all references included in your .bib file.

This is a simplified version of sample.tex included in the distribution. The sample.bib file is also included.

Run pdflatex + biber + pdflatex + pdflatex bring up the references.

% !TeX TS-program = pdflatex




% next commands taken from pubs-authoryear.cfg <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

%% sample.bib contains your publications




    \printbibliography[heading=pubtype,title={\printinfo{\faFile*[regular]}{Journal Articles}},type=article]
    \printbibliography[heading=pubtype,title={\printinfo{\faUsers}{Conference Proceedings}},type=inproceedings]



The biblatex commands are those included in the file pubs-authoryear.cfg

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