In APA style, to cite a conference paper, we would use the format (according to https://www.easybib.com/guides/citation-guides/apa-format/how-to-cite-conference-paper-apa/):

Last name, FM. (Year published). Title of Paper or Proceedings, Title of Conference, Location, Date. Place of publication: Publisher.

The conference paper I am trying to cite is from a conference that occurred in 1989 and the proceedings of which were published in 2001. I would thus have:

Last name, FM. 2001. Title of Paper or Proceedings, Title of Conference, Maghnia, 1989. Algiers: CNRPAH.

How do I do this in LaTeX? It seems that the full template for @inproceedings is (from https://www.bibtex.com/t/template-inproceedings/):


  author       = "",
  title        = "",
  booktitle    = "",
  year         = "",
  editor       = "",
  volume       = "",
  number       = "",
  series       = "",
  pages        = "",
  month        = "",
  address      = "",
  organization = "",
  publisher    = "",
  note         = "",
  annote       = ""

There's only one field for the year in here. How do I include both years? I use biber.

  • A quick workaround would be to just add any required information to a field that is available, for example booktitle = {Title of Conference, Maghnia, 1989}. That is not very suitable for use with other styles where the presence/order/formatiing of the subparts is different, but for finalizing a document it may be an easy fix.
    – Marijn
    Commented Nov 2, 2022 at 12:24

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I wouldn't trust third-party websites for details of APA references. The final decision can only be made if you consult the APA manual, but the only open-access online resource I would trust is the APA style webpage https://apastyle.apa.org/style-grammar-guidelines/references/examples.

The APA website distinguishes conference presentation and proceeding references. Conference presentation references are of the form your website suggested (https://apastyle.apa.org/style-grammar-guidelines/references/examples/conference-presentation-references), but references to conference proceedings follow the normal @article/@incollection approach (https://apastyle.apa.org/style-grammar-guidelines/references/examples/conference-proceeding-references). In particular in the latter case all entries mention only one date: the date of publication.

Since you seem to want to refer to a conference paper, the only date that should appear is the publication date.

If you insist on having the date of the conference mentioned as well, most biblatex styles are aware of an eventdate field for @inproceedings. Alternatively, many biblatex styles also support titleaddon for generic additional information you might want to add after the title. (Of course all this assumes the year of the conference is not naturally part of the title anyway.)

  • That should probably be eventdate, with t?
    – Marijn
    Commented Nov 2, 2022 at 12:20
  • @Marijn Ugh. Of course. Thanks for catching that. Should be fixed now.
    – moewe
    Commented Nov 2, 2022 at 16:30

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