I am using this particular overleaf template (A Customized CurVe CV template) to edit my CV. I changed the citation style from "ieee" to "apa" in this particular line in the preamble:


but when I compile the document, the publication headings change from "Conference Proceedings" to "Journal Article".

The following lines are in the publications.tex which I assume controls the output:

\printbibliography[heading={subbibliography}, title={Journal Articles}, type=article]

\printbibliography[heading={subbibliography}, title={Conference Proceedings}, type=inproceedings]

\printbibliography[heading={subbibliography},title={Books and Chapters},filter={booksandchapters}]

Is there a problem with the apa style that it does not recognize the inproceedings citation type?

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The biblatex-apa style maps the @inproceedings entries to either @article or @incollection depending on whether it has an editor. It does so following the recommendation of APA that conference proceedings should be formatted similarly.

You are probably better off using a different style if you wish to have a separate section for conference proceedings in your CV.

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