I used the following standard beamer code to create a table of contents at the beginning of each subsection:


However, I want to customize the ToC of some subsections; something like:

IF \subsectionname != "..." Then it's OK to show the standard ToC.

How can I do this?

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For specific subsections you may modify the behavior before they start: you could change \AtBeginSubsection locally. This means you could change that, for a subsection, but keep this change local by enclosing it within a group. For example, disabling \AtBeginSubsection and thus the subsection TOC:

\subsection{No TOC}
\subsection{Here's a TOC}

After the group ended, the globally by \AtBeginSubsection defined macro returns being active. The following subsections will show the TOC - I tested it.

This works because \AtBeginSubsection uses \def to redefine internal macros, which works local, thus visible only inside a group, in contrary to \gdef.

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