How to get a different formatting for the label and text of a subsection using titlesec?

Reason: Italic numbers in the subsection heading hurts my eyes and should be avoided at all cost, Label of the subsection should be a normal roman while the text should be in italic

First I define the fonts for the section and subsection headings of my document using fontspec:

\newfontfamily\sectionfont[LetterSpace=16.0,Path=C:/fonts/]{LTe50383.pfb} %sectionfont in Sabon Roman
\newfontfamily\subsectionfont[Path=C:/fonts/]{LTe50384.pfb} %subsection font is Sabon Italic

After this I define the titleformats:


Is it even possible to differ the formatting? As written in the titlesec manual:

format is the format to be applied to the whole title—label and text. This part can contain vertical material (and horizontal with some shapes) which is typeset just after the space above the title.

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should do the trick.

  • oohww.. I tried that before but then for some reason it didnt work, but now it did. Thanks for the fast reply.
    – Timtico
    Commented Dec 6, 2010 at 22:34

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