I have to deal with a very long footnote (with memoir and LuaTeX). Presently it starts on a page, fills up the entire subsequent page, and then ends in the following, where there's some text with a further footnote.

I have seen Extremely long footnotes (3+ pages), but none of the solutions proposed seem to meet exactly my needs, and I have a more general question: is there a way to specify the max height of the footnotes area? In this case, I could set it e.g. at \textheight-\skip\footins-2\baselineskip, so that at least two lines of text are typeset...

  • Thanks cabohah. Actually, it contains a reference to \footins, as explained now in Ulrike Fischer's answer. Nov 15, 2022 at 11:34

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The maximum is stored in the dimen \footins. This restricts it to 4cm:



some text\footnote{\lipsum[1-8]}


enter image description here

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