Does anyone know how I can achieve the following alignments:

mid = low + high
PARALLEL: right = x
          left = y
return right + left

I've tried: \indent \indent mid $\leftarrow$ (low + high)/2


    \text{Parallel:&left \leftarrow binSearch(A, k, mid + 1, high)}

    \text{&right \leftarrow binSearch(A, k, low, mid)}


and it isn't working. As you can see my line 1 starts with two indents so that's making it more confusing for me. I need line 1 to have two indents since I'm writing pseudocode and need that indentation.

  • Can you provide more context? Are you putting this into some environment (like algorithm), or is this just set in your text as-is?
    – Werner
    Nov 17, 2022 at 21:42


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