I'm looking at The Legrand Orange Book template which offers a lot of possibilities out of the box for creating a professional looking book for educational purposes. From the main.tex file I gather that it supports A4 and letter. I'm bound to a smaller size of 17x24cm for creating a hardcopy book. I'm not too familiar with this template and wonder if people have experience in modifying this template. Does modifying the standard size require a lot of adjustments?

Link to template:


  • I am facing the same challenge. I used the version 2.1 (the structure.tex version) to create the outline and three chapters of my book in A4, but want to finish the remainder in this thesis format which is about 81% of the original A4 format, using the new 3.1 cls template. Adjusting the geometry is simple, but you also need to adjust all sizes of fonts and boxes, especially in the part pages.
    – alchemist
    May 7 at 14:34


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