I am trying to include the word "see" in my references using Natabib but the example below always end up moving the word "see" at the end of the in-text citation. Here is the output: "This is how you cite a reference (Rose and Harrison, 2010; Wright, 1997, see)". However, i would like the output to be something like: "This is how you cite a reference (see Rose and Harrison, 2010; Wright, 1997)".

Can someone help please?

\usepackage[authoryear,round]{natbib}  %



This is how you cite a reference \citep[see]{rose_social_2010,wright_class_1997}


Here are the references:

    address = {London ; New York},
    series = {Routledge/{ESA} studies in {European} societies},
    title = {Social class in {Europe}: an introduction to the {European} {Socio}-economic {Classification}},
    isbn = {978-0-415-45801-6 978-0-203-93058-8},
    shorttitle = {Social class in {Europe}},
    number = {10},
    publisher = {Routledge},
    editor = {Rose, David and Harrison, Eric},
    year = {2010},
    keywords = {Classification, Economic conditions Classification, Europe, Europeans, Social classes, Social conditions Classification, Social stratification},

    address = {Cambridge},
    series = {Studies in {Marxism} and social theory},
    title = {Class counts: comparative studies in class analysis},
    isbn = {978-0-521-55387-2 978-0-521-55646-0},
    shorttitle = {Class counts},
    publisher = {Cambridge University Press},
    author = {Wright, Erik Olin},
    year = {1997},
    keywords = {Social classes, Social mobility, Class consciousness},}
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    Try \cjte[see][]{foo}. Dec 8, 2022 at 14:14
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    As Oleg mentions natbib citations has two optional arguments, if called with just one, it assumes it to be a post note, if called with two optional the first is used as the pre note and the latter as the post note. This is all listed in the nice manual for natbib.
    – daleif
    Dec 8, 2022 at 14:18


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