I am using the package svg to upload images. I have installed the package, and when I compiled the .tex file an error is been displayed saying "Unknown option clean' for package svg'. \FamilyProcessOptions{SVG}" Looking into the svg.sty file, there is a function "called" clean, and it is stayed as true:


I have tried to change it to "false", but the error still appears. Also downloaded an old version of the SVG package, but the error still appears. Lastly, there is another error below the first one that says

"File `transparent.sty' not found. \usepackage"

I also installed the transparent package, but the first error of "clean" function was not solved

Any suggestion, or have someone also experienced this error?

Thanks in advance

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The handling of package options by svg is flawed in this case, you should actually get a warning reading

The option key `clean' can only be used with package `svg-extract'

The question is, what you thought this option would do? It is not documented for package svg but only for svg-extract. So if your intention was to use package svg-extract then




would both be valid usages, the latter one recommended as this would issue the meant warning if package svg-extract was not loaded.

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