Please how can I make something like this in LaTeX. Kindly, help.enter image description here

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    This looks very much like one of the (ugly) chapter header style provided by fncychap, in particular Glenn.
    – egreg
    Dec 10, 2022 at 23:22

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@egreg's comment -- that loading the fncychap package with the option Glenn gets the job done -- is correct.

enter image description here

\renewcommand\chaptername{Tutorial Questions}

\setcounter{chapter}{2} %just for this example
\chapter{Tutorial III}

There are many ways, depending on your desired use. Here is a possibility with TikZ.


\tikzset{my label/.style={fill=white, align=left, inner sep=2pt, above=3pt, font={\small}}}


\draw[thick] (0,1)node[my label, right=-3pt]{\sffamily TUTORIAL QUESTIONS {\large 3}} 
    rectangle (10,0)node[my label, left=-3pt]{TUTORIAL III};


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