I'd like a way to have a footnote with multiple references. I'm NOT looking for how to reference the same footnote multiple times which is something I've found a lot of threads on.

I'm looking for something like this:

Lorem ipsum¹

1. Smith 2020; John 2015

with the in-text citation looking like \footcite{Smith2020}. As I use citekeys, if I include anything else in the {} it breaks the parsing, because it then just outputs the citekey as-is.

So far if I want to cite multiple sources in one spot, I need to use two footnotes. Chicago Author-Date says I should rather use a single one, with the sources separated with a ;

How do I achieve this?

Thank you!

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I've solved my own problem. The solution: \footnote

You can use a \cite inside that, so that it looks like this:

\footnote{\cite{Smith2020}; \cite{John2015}}

That is rendered as Smith 2020; John 2015

Thanks :)

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