I am trying to create a CV with a list of publications and am relatively new to latex formatting. I would like to have the publication number and then equally aligned, the authors, name and conference. So in the picture here, I would like the apple and AGDAL to be algined with TEST. enter image description here

Here is what I currently have:

    \honordatestyle{#4} & 
      {#2} \\&&
        {#1} \\&&
     {#3} && 
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You can try setting the publication entries using a list:

enter image description here



% \publication{<num>}{<author(s)>}{<institution(s)>}
    \item[{[#1]}] #2 \par #3


\publication{10}{Some author}{Some institution}

\publication{3}{Another author}{Another institution}

\publication{18}{Final set of authors}{Yet another institution}


List numbering can be automated, and made possibly to cross-reference, if needed.

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