I am making a compilation of articles, each of them with with its own bibliography. I thought of using a report or book documentclass, but the bibliography of each article appears formatted as a chapter. Which I don't want. So I tried \usepackage[sectionbib]{chapterbib}, which formats my bibliography as a section. But now it appears in the TOC, which I don't want either.

I'm a bit lost about how to proceed. I found that the chapterbib documentation suggests "for the most control, it is better to redefine \thebibliography entirely" but I'm afraid that's way out of my league. I would like to know whether there is another way to re-format the bibliography as a section, without adding it to the TOC.

Also, as a MWE I would have a main document:







And at least one article added:

\section{Article 1}

\bibitem{desc} Inicial do nome. Apelido,  \emph{Título do libro}, Editorial, Lugar de publicación, Ano.

Thanks for any advice you can provide!

PS: It would be preferred if there was any solution that did not require .bib files. Because the articles are neither mine nor I am the only one editing them, and our collaborators use the simple format shown in the article file above.

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(Answer by OP.)

I found a possible solution: I changed to a memoir documentclass, and using this single line got the result I wanted:


Changing the documentclass requires me to change other aspects of my document, but at such an early stage of development I think it's worth it.

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