I'm writing a book using LegrandOrangeBook.cls version 3.1.

Every time I state an example by using theoremstyle, a QED symbol appear before the theorem name. How to write that example without QED symbol in front of it?

MWE is as follow:

\documentclass[12pt,fleqn, a4paper]{LegrandOrangeBook}


        Jika diketahui himpunan $ A = \{a,b,c\} $ maka power set dari himpunan $ A $ adalah $ \mathscr{P}\{A\} =\{ \varnothing, \{a\},\{b\}, \{c\}, \{a,b\},\{a,c\},\{b,c\},\{a,b,c\} \}$  

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Problem is solved. I change




of the theorem declaration


in LegrandOrangeBook.cls

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