I want to print on the margin paragraph a \pageref to the hint of the current exercise.

This is a follow up to a previous question of mine which I rely on, but for some reason my code doesn't work.

I don't understand why I get the error

LaTeX Warning: Reference `hint:1' on page 1 undefined on input line XX.

although I do create a label for each hint, by using this line of code:


(copied from the linked answer). I expect this line of code to create a label hint:1 for exercise with ID 1, and label hint:2 for exercise with ID 2 etc.

The complete code is:

% !TEX TS-program = xelatex

  exercise/within = chapter,
  solution/template =myTemplate ,


\ForEachUsedExerciseByType{\GetExercisePropertyT{hint}{\label{hint:##2}}} %<<-- Apparently creates a label

\IfExercisePropertySetT{hint}{hint on page \pageref{hint:\ExerciseID}} %<<-- This label is undefined

\chapter{Euclidean Geometry}
Questions for this week:

Prove Pythagoras' theorem
\hint{The sum of the angles in a triangle is equal to 180 degrees.}
The theorem can be proved algebraically\ldots

\begin{exercise}[subtitle={Proof of Thales's Theorem}]
Prove Thales's theorem.
\hint{the base angles of an isosceles triangle are equal. }

Let $\alpha=\angle BAO$ and $\beta=\angle OBC$\ldots

Prove the angle bisector theorem.
% no hint for this exercise

Consider triangles $ABD$ and $ACD$\ldots

{\normalfont\bfseries Hint #3\par}

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A label assigns to key the number of the current sectional unit, and no sectional unit is in the vicinity of your command where you expect to create a label.

You have to append the \label{hint:#1} into an item of a list environment such as description, as done in the answer you linked to.

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