I tried to use the res.cls as the resume template, but I found that it is very hard to adjust the margin since this documentclass is very old.

So can anyone please tell me if there's any other documentclass produce the resume style like this: enter image description here

It's like the titles (Education, Employment, etc.) are on the left sides, and the rest on the right sides...

I just tried to change the margin of res.cls, and it works with a lot of bugs


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I figured out an easier way to achieve the same result:

Use the package \usepackage{paracol}

Adjust the column ratio using command \columnratio{0.125}

Switch column using command \switchcolumn

The environment \begin{paracol}{2} ... \end{paracol} helps you create the resume you like.

Note: I found the res.cls class is obsolete, so customizing it in LaTeX2e is a little bit difficult.

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