I am confronted to a long-proof problem like in this question, which entails breaking a block between two frames, and also to the problem that I am creating an article and I do not want the proof environment to be broken there, like in that closed question.

How can I combine both ideas ?

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After fumbling with the different versions of \mode, I managed to get it to work.

I do not really understand why I have to use one version at some place and the other at another place, and I am open to explanations, better ways of doing it or even automating it (ie. defining a shorter macro to do that).



\begin{alertblock}{Berge, 1957}
Un couplage $C$ est de cardinal maximal si et seulement s'il n'admet pas de chemin augmentant.
\begin{preuve}[Preuve du sens non couvert par le lemme]
some already long text

% article mode does not see this
\hfill …/…


Soit $p$ un chemin maximal dans $K$ : \uncover<2->{sa première et sa dernière arêtes sont dans $C_2$.}



Remarque : ce lemme et ce théorème n'utilisent pas le fait que le graphe est biparti.\\
Cette propriété va cependant permettre de faciliter la recherche d'un chemin augmentant.

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