You can redefine your caption labels with e.g. \renewcommand{\figurename}{Fig.}. Is there a way to do it just for certain figures/tables? I have an appendix and I would like to make figures/tables as Appendix #, and not Table/Figure.

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You could put such a redefinition after the beginning of the appendix. You could even redefine within a figure or table environment to keep the redefinition local.

A cleaner way would be to define a new float type in your preamble. Besides the different names, you could have separate list of these floats: a list of tables, a list of figures and a list of appendices or the like.

For this purpose you could use either of these packages:

  • trivfloat - easy to use
  • float - more customizable, capable of preventing floating
  • floatrow - also with features to customize the float layout
  • caption - the very recommendable caption package with a lot of features concerning captions

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