I can't seem to figure out how to draw the arrow shone (light red). Is there a simple code? I know I am missing something. I scanned the Tikz and PGF plots manual and googled it. I can't seem to find it.

Any help is would be appreciated.

Nickenter image description here


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As @Qrrbrbirlbel said in comment: you can draw this arrow as TikZ single arrow shape:


\int 4x^3\sqrt{x^4-6}\,dx = \int \sqrt{x^4-6}4x^3\,dx
\quad\tikz[baseline=-1ex]\node[single arrow, single arrow head extend=1.5mm, 
                               draw, fill=red!30, minimum height=9mm, right] {};\quad
\int \sqrt{u}\,du = \frac{2}{3}u^{3/2} + C = \frac{2}{3}(x^4-6)^{2/3}+C

enter image description here

  • Thank you for taking time to look at this!
    – Nick B
    Jan 18 at 10:33

As there is no MWE, have provided the code for creating the arrow only by using PSTricks:





enter image description here

Better to use LaTeX->dvips->Ps2PDF for viewing purpose


Thank you for the comments. I know I did not have a MWE, my apologies. I took @Qrrbrbirlbel advice and tried some things from the link he provided. Here is what I came up with:

\begin{scope}[shift={(9.75,16.5)},every node/.style={single arrow, draw,minimum height=1.5cm,single arrow head indent=2cm,minimum width=6ex}]
 \node [fill=red!15,single arrow head indent=.05ex] at (0,0){};

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