I am writing an article on Overleaf. I am using natbib with unsrt style. But it output lots of garbage in the bibliography.

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For example, that second article in the list has lots of garbage in the end. the entry of that article in my bib file looks like this.

    title = {Investigating molecular transport in the human brain from {MRI} with physics-informed neural networks},
    url = {http://arxiv.org/abs/2205.02592},
    abstract = {In recent years, a plethora of methods combining deep neural networks and partial differential equations have been developed. A widely known and popular example are physics-informed neural networks. They solve forward and inverse problems involving partial differential equations in terms of a neural network training problem. We apply physics-informed neural networks as well as the finite element method to estimate the diffusion coefficient governing the long term, i.e. over days, spread of molecules in the human brain from a novel magnetic resonance imaging technique. Synthetic testcases are created to demonstrate that the standard formulation of the physics-informed neural network faces challenges with noisy measurements in our application. Our numerical results demonstrate that the residual of the partial differential equation after training needs to be small in order to obtain accurate recovery of the diffusion coefficient. To achieve this, we apply several strategies such as tuning the weights and the norms used in the loss function as well as residual based adaptive refinement and exchange of residual training points. We find that the diffusion coefficient estimated with PINNs from magnetic resonance images becomes consistent with results from a finite element based approach when the residuum after training becomes small. The observations presented in this work are an important first step towards solving inverse problems on observations from large cohorts of patients in a semi-automated fashion with physics-informed neural networks.},
    number = {arXiv:2205.02592},
    urldate = {2022-06-10},
    institution = {arXiv},
    author = {Zapf, Bastian and Haubner, Johannes and Kuchta, Miroslav and Ringstad, Geir and Eide, Per Kristian and Mardal, Kent-Andre},
    month = may,
    year = {2022},
    doi = {10.48550/arXiv.2205.02592},
    note = {arXiv:2205.02592 [cs, math]
type: article},
    keywords = {Mathematics - Numerical Analysis, 49M41, 65L09, Mathematics - Optimization and Control},
    file = {arXiv.org Snapshot:/home/hell/Zotero/storage/8H9RRXTN/2205.html:text/html},

I have 100s on reference like this. I don't have a bst file to modify. How do I remove the note, the publisher in the 3rd reference? I couldn't find post which doesn't require a bst file.

Here is the relevant part of the code to begin with.



\bibliography{sn-bibliography}% common bib file

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    If you want to modify it, you can get the .bst file from ctan.org/tex-archive/biblio/bibtex/base then rename it and upload the copy to your Overleaf project. If you don't want to modify the .bst file for some reason, you'd need to remove those fields from the .bib file. (I'm on support staff at Overleaf.) Jan 18 at 15:24


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