I am creating many figures for my LaTeX document using matplotlib with 'text.usetex': True.

My full preamble looks like this:

rc('font', **{'family':'serif', 'serif':['Computer Modern Roman']})
params = {'backend': 'pdf',
          'axes.labelsize': 12,
          'text.fontsize': 12,
          'legend.fontsize': 12,
          'xtick.labelsize': 10,
          'ytick.labelsize': 10,
          'text.usetex': True,
          'figure.figsize': fig_size,
          'axes.unicode_minus': True}

In the plot I also use \texttt{}, which should match the formatting in the latex document. However it doesnt (compare legend and caption, both 12pt).

Matplotlib figure and caption. Typewriter text is rendered differently.

I assume I have to add something like 'family':'typewriter', 'typewriter':['Some font']. So my questions:

  • how can I find out which font and weight is used in the LaTeX document for \texttt
  • How to tell matplotlib to use the exact same font

Matplotlib apparently uses Courier as default, my LaTeX uses Computer Modern Typewriter.

I found some font specification examples here.

So changing the first line of my preamble to

rc('font', **{'family':'serif', 'serif':['Computer Modern Roman'], 
                                'monospace': ['Computer Modern Typewriter']})

renders the \texttt{} the same way LaTeX does.

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