The net effect should be the following enter image description here Basically, it is a zoom, except I don’t want to actually magnify a portion of a graph, but putting another more detailed one instead.


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Note: If you need more inner nodes you could use two scopes.


enter image description here





    \node[draw, dashed, ellipse, minimum width=40mm, minimum height=30mm, anchor=south west] (plot1) at (0,0) {plot 1};
    \node[draw, minimum width=10mm, minimum height=7mm, x={(plot1.south east)}, y={(plot1.north west)}] (hlbox) at (.9,.7) {};
    \node[draw, minimum width=30mm, minimum height=20mm, above right=of plot1, xshift=10mm] (plot2) {plot 2};
    \draw[->] (plot2.south west) -- (hlbox.north east);

  • Thanks. One last thing: when I add \foreach \x in {1,...,300}{--++(0.03,{0.1*(floor(rand)*2.0+1.0)*sqrt(-ln(1-rand^2)/0.627)})} in place of {plot 1} pdflatex doesn't compile. Why?
    – ric.san
    Jan 23 at 10:12
  • 1
    You should ask a new question for unrelated stuff. {plot 1} is the text content of the node. You can't put tikz commands in there.
    – dexteritas
    Jan 23 at 10:38

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