I am trying to write an article using a template within the APS files of the REVTex 4.2 distribution. I am trying to put a page-wide figure at the bottom of a two-column page. I tried using dblfloats and stfloats but without any success. I am using \documentclass[]{revtex4-2}.

I tried all the possible ways suggested here and here.

Can someone please suggest how to solve this issue?

  • revtex simply doesn't support bottom-of-page two-column figures with figure* always going top of page, and it uses its own layout so solutions for other classes often don't translate. Probably the closest you will be able to do is force placement with \onecolumngrid or the widetext environment but this requires manual tuning and even then may not manage bottom of page.
    – Dai Bowen
    Jan 24, 2023 at 14:45
  • @DaiBowen Thank you for the comment. The forced placement using \onecolumngrid seems to be the best alternative.
    – Richard
    Jan 24, 2023 at 21:06


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