I created a custom format and saved a date like this:

\DTMnewdatestyle{dateMonat}{\THEDAY. \monthnamengerman[\THEMONTH]}

I want to display my date with my custom format. This would have been done like this in datetime


Nothing similar works in datetime2. I suspect i will have to use \DTMuseDate to use dateABC

Setting the formatting before a section \DTMsetdatestyle{dateMonat} is not an option i like since the format often changes even in the same line.

Is there a better way? Or do i have to \DTMsetdatestyle{dateMonat} before every displayed date?

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I found the problems i had:

  1. My style of formatting dates was very wrong. The new style for datetime2 is as follows
\renewcommand{\DTMdisplaydate}[4]{\number##3. \DTMgermanmonthname{\number##2}}%
  1. The way i did not like is still the correct way:

One would still have to redo this for every date

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