I have to replicate a word page into latex. I have put in my best efforts but unfortunately, the text of item 10 spans two lines, which can be seen from Figure 1 (generated by the given below MWO). Figure 2 is what is desired. I have tried many solutions. In some cases, the font of the full title is reduced automatically. I am unable to design the correct page. enter image description here

This is the target page


\usepackage{booktabs, makecell, 









{1cm}\selectfont The title of the 
thesis should come here with font 
times new roman of size 16}}}

{1cm}\selectfont BY \\ \bigskip              
Name Last-name}}}}

    1)& ROLL No:  \hfill  
    2) & REGISTRATION No: \hfill 
    3) & DEGREE PROGRAM: \hfill 
    4) &  DEPARTMENT: \hfill 
    5) &  FACULTY: \hfill Faculty
    6) &  CAMPUS NAME: \hfill City 
    7) &  SUPERVISOR NAME: \hfill 
Dr. Xyz 
SEMESTER: \hfill Season 2050
    \hfill Nill
    10) &  DATE OF SYNOPSIS 


    Scholar Signature: & 
\tikz\draw [thick,dashed] (0,0) -- 
    Supervisor Signature: & 
\tikz\draw [thick,dashed] (0,0) -- 
    Chairperson/Head Signature: & 
\tikz\draw [thick,dashed] (0,0) -- 
    Convener Faculty Board 
Signature: & \tikz\draw [thick,dashed] 
(0,0) -- (4,0);
    Date of approval by ASRB: & 
\tikz\draw [thick,dashed] (0,0) -- 


  • Are you allowed to abbreviate the long word "department", e.g. to "dptmnt" or so? // Can't really understand the problem you try to convey.
    – MS-SPO
    Commented Jan 31, 2023 at 13:38
  • @MS-SPO I am not allowed to abbreviate the words. If you compile MWO above you will find item 10 spanning two lines with a narrow spacing than normal. I have tried to make it normal but it doesn't work for me. The overall font size is changed for this title page from the methods I used. Commented Jan 31, 2023 at 13:43
  • Ok. Can you add a screenshot of the relevant part(s) your code produce, i.e. your problem visualized? As I read it, the current screenshot seems to be a blueprint or so giving requirements, is it?
    – MS-SPO
    Commented Jan 31, 2023 at 13:53
  • 1
    @MS-PSO , I have added the figure of my code in the question now. Commented Jan 31, 2023 at 14:23
  • Fine. // For your reference, do you know these 2 sources? 1) Examples ctan.org/pkg/titlepages 2) Wikibooks on Latex en.wikibooks.org/wiki/LaTeX .
    – MS-SPO
    Commented Jan 31, 2023 at 14:37

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There are many ways to accomplish what you are after. My post is intended to give you a cleaner start with your code, e.g. by removing what's not needed by now (and may inflict unwanted interactions).

Remember, while Word is a text processor, LaTeX is about typesetting, a bit like in Gutenberg's days, compiling and positioning blocks of letters made from lead.

Basic idea

So the basic idea is to separate structure from formatting. That's why I put the 3 blocks of text (title, admin, signatures) inside the document-environment, and moved all their fine-print to macros to the preamble.

I used tabularx, as it will adjust all columns with an X automatically. So {lXr} aligns the first column left, the third right, and the middle so that "it will look pretty", somehow.

tabularx is an extension of tabular, so it needs its width specified: {.97\textwidth} . The deviation from 1 accounts for visual right alignment with the title.

Macro \adm allows you to enter each line more easily, leaving the ., : and all other stuff to the macro, putting the & for the table, too. E.g replace #1 by \textbf{#1} for a bold number there, and all table entries will look alike.

Macro \sign uses \dotfill, where you tried tikz. The \vspace{} at the end is probably not the best way to do it.

The title comes twofold:

  • as a constant (\myTitle; put your text there)
  • as an output (\putTitle, which could have absorbed \myTitle as well)

! The % at the end of each line in the macro are vital to hinder unwanted insertion of spaces !

What's left to do

After obtaining a first result many things are left to do. The font sizes: absorb these inside the few macros defined (you want their effect being localized, not valid for the rest of your document).

Margins and table-positioning of course. Check for package layout on ctan.org, which allows you to show all current settings as drqsn rectangles over your page.

You may want to have a look at package fancyhdr, to deal with pagenumber in footnote. However, check this site to account for correct numbering lateron. frontmatter may be a valuable search term.


\documentclass[10pt,a4paper]{article}% assuming A4 paper

% === Macros ====================================
% ~~~ one line of admin ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
%     3 parameters; simplify: put . (or ')' ), :, dotfill and \\

% ~~~ one line in signatures ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
%    1 parameter // vertical space expressed e.g. in multiples

% ~~~ put and format title ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
%     the '%' at each line hinder insertion of extra space

% === Constant text string(s) ======================
\newcommand\myTitle[0]{This is probably one of the longest title mankind ever invented to dance around the one topic out of many topics to demonstrate which is just a demonstration}

% ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



% ~~~ admin ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
%     the X in tabularx adjusts columnwidth "in a pretty way"
%     "Alpha Zulu" just to demonstrate autoadjustment
%     all format-related fineprint delegated to maccro above
    \adm{1}{ROLL No.}{12345678-001}
    \adm{2}{REGISTRATION No.}{123456789}
    \adm{3}{DEGREE PROGRAM}{PhD}
    \adm{4}{DEPARTMENT}{Department Alpha Zulu}
    \adm{6}{CAMPUS NAME}{Mystery City}
    \adm{7}{SUPERVISOR NAME}{Dr. Strangelove}
    \adm{8}{DEGREE ENROLLMENT SEMESTER}{Season 2050}
    \adm{11}{DATE OF APPROVAL FROM DRRC}{\dotfill}

% ~~~ visual separation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

% ~~~ signatures ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    \sign{Scholar Signature:}   
    \sign{Supervisor Signature:}
    \sign{Chairperson/Head Signature:}
    \sign{Convener Faculty Board Signature:}
    \sign{Date of approval by ASRB:}


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