For inline quotes, I need UK English single quotation mark glyphs:

‘To be or not to be,’ Hamlet said.

Also, I need the text - but not the quotation marks - colored gray.

I have tried looking at the dirtytalk package that seems to allow for customizing the quotation marks. But I might need to create a customized command if I wish to also have the gray coloring so that I can use it with one command such as:

\inlinequotehere{To be or not to be,} Hamlet said.

Is there a good way to achieve this?


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You can do this by defining two things:

  • An appropriate colour, and
  • \inlinequotehere that would insert the quotes, and the text using the above-defined colour.

enter image description here



\colorlet{quotecolor}{black!50}% Allows one to use quotecolor elsewhere in the document in a consistent way


\inlinequotehere{To be or not to be,} Hamlet said.

\inlinequotehere{To be or not to be\textcolor{black}{,}} Hamlet said.


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