\item (Help)
  \item (Individual)
  \item (Test)

This gives me enter image description here

I'm trying to align text inside parenthesis equally & center. Something like the below. Tried makebox but I'm sure how to use it properly.

(   Help   )
(   Test   )

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\makebox[<width>]{...} creates a box of fixed length and centres its content by default if the content is shorter then the box. However, you would need to "find" the correct value of the parameter <width>.

A more convenient macro is defined in eqparbox, that is \eqmakebox[<label>]{...}. The difference is you supply a label, e.g. list, instead of a length <width> and a length of all boxes corresponding to the same label [list] are calculated to fit the longest content.




\item \mb{Help}
\item \mb{Individual}
\item \mb{Test}

enter image description here



You can use a tabular environment for this. The brackets are placed automatically for the first and last column.

I defined an environment bracketitemize and a command \bitem to make this more comfortable.


enter image description here




    \begin{tabular}{ >{\textbullet\quad (} c c >{)} c }%

    & #1 &\\%



    \begin{tabular}{  >{\textbullet\quad (} c c >{)} c }
        & Help &\\
        & Individual &\\
        & Test &\\

With \texttt{bracketitemize}:



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