I want to add DOIs to my paper, using \usepackage[natbibapa]{apacite}. In my thesis, this worked fine, with no issues. Now I'm using the Taylor & Francis template found here, but using apacite. Why wouldn't the DOI's then still appear, as in the thesis?

MWE below, *not minimal, but I'm worried something in the packages is causing the problem?


\usepackage[natbibapa]{apacite}% Citation support using natbib.sty
\bibpunct[, ]{(}{)}{;}{a}{}{,}% Citation support using natbib.sty
% To add pdf pages
% Load packages to allow in- and output of non-ASCII characters.
\usepackage{lmodern}        % Use an extension of the original Computer Modern font to minimize the use of bitmapped letters.
\usepackage[T1]{fontenc}    % Determines font encoding of the output. Font packages have to be included before this line.
\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} % Determines encoding of the input. All input files have to use UTF8 encoding.
% Extended LaTeX functionality is enables by including packages with \usepackage{...}.

\usepackage{amsmath}   % Extended typesetting of mathematical expression.
\usepackage{amssymb}    % Provides a multitude of mathematical symbols.
\usepackage{mathtools}  % Further extensions of mathematical typesetting.
\usepackage{microtype}  % Small-scale typographic enhancements.
\usepackage[inline]{enumitem} % User control over the layout of lists (itemize, enumerate, description).
\usepackage{multirow}   % Allows table elements to span several rows.
\usepackage{booktabs}   % Improves the typesettings of tables.

\usepackage[font=it]{subcaption} % Allows the use of subfigures and enables their referencing.
\usepackage[ruled,linesnumbered,algochapter]{algorithm2e} % Enables the writing of pseudo code.
 % Allows the definition and use of colors. This package has to be included before tikz.
\usepackage{nag}       % Issues warnings when best practices in writing LaTeX documents are violated.
\usepackage[color=lightgray]{todonotes} % Provides tooltip-like todo notes.
% For rotating figures, tables, etc.
%  including their captions

\usepackage{hyperref}  % Enables cross linking in the electronic document version. This package has to be included second to last.
\usepackage[acronym,toc]{glossaries} % Enables the generation of glossaries and lists fo acronyms. This package has to be included last.

\theoremstyle{plain}% Theorem-like structures provided by amsthm.sty





Hello \citep{gartneretal2011}.


But then my output is this: no doi printed

I've seen posts that suggest putting the dois in notes. Is this the answer? I have about 150 references, so that's a nightmare. Why in the world can a citation package not handle a doi? I'm relatively new to LaTeX and this seems like a major downfall. Although it worked in my thesis document, so why not here?

My bibliography does have doi as a field. Thank you :D

It had to do with the weird doc class I was using. I switched it to \documentclass[]{article} and it printed the DOIs. Who knows?



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