I am trying to draw the following block diagram using pgf/TikZ. Actually I am struck at getting the two inputs to the first block horizontal.

block diagram

What is the best way to draw the above diagram using pgf/TikZ.


One possibility:



\begin{tikzpicture}[box/.style={draw,rounded corners,text width=2.5cm,align=center}]
\node[box] (a) {Psychoacustic Model};
\node[left=of a.170,font=\bfseries] (aux1) {Reference};
\node[left=of a.190,font=\bfseries] (aux2) {Degraded};
\node[box,right=of a] (b) {Cognitive Model};
\node[right=of b,font=\bfseries] (c) {Score};
\draw[->] (aux1) -- (a.170);
\draw[->] (aux2) -- (a.190);
\draw[->] (a) -- (b);
\draw[->] (b) -- (c);


enter image description here

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  • What am I supposed to change in this code if I need to change relative vertical distance between the two inputs? what does a.170 or a.190 actually mean – NAASI Jul 12 '17 at 20:43
  • a.170 and a.180 mean the angle from the center line of the a node. To increase the vertical distance, you could try, a.160 and a.200. To decrease the vertical distance, you could try, a.175 and a.185. a.180 is the west direction. – Shailesh Kumar Dec 30 '17 at 7:19

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