Similar to the \leftrightarrow commands, I'd like to create two new commands that are usable in mathmode, specifically as index. The resulting symbol should be of the same size as a single arrow. I suspect this can be done with some stacking and perhaps masking, but I couldn't get past the starting point.

a) A combination of the north-east arrow ↗ ^^^^2197 and the south-east arrow ↘ ^^^^2198. I tried using


as a starting point, but I don't see any result, while using the arrows normally works (without stackrel). The result should look like a K (not an X), without the vertical bar, with arrows pointing north-east and south-east.

b) Basically a T, rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise, with arrows pointing up (↑ ^^^^2191), right (→ ^^^^2192) and down (↓ ^^^^2193).

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Something like this?

    \clipbox{{.5\width} -1 0 -1}{%


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