I'm struggling to find a matching citation style for my seminar paper because we have strict guidelines on how to have the list of references. I'm a bloody amateur with LaTeX and didn't manage to write my own citation style.

The list of references should be in alphabetical order of the authors surname and have the following structure:

surname year of publication: surname, first name: title. place of publication year of publication

enter image description here

I would be very grateful if someone can help me with this. I'm just completely lost...

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One image of one entry is by far not enough to code a full style, so this can only be a start.

The following captures the main aspects of the style as I see it from the picture. If you need more help, please ask separate questions about each change you need to apply.

A good start for customising biblatex styles is Guidelines for customizing biblatex styles.

Special format for cite and Change Reference appearance with bold authoryear above entry are similar to your desired output, so with a similar approach we might want to try









Lorem \autocite{sigfridsson,worman,nussbaum,geer}


Nussbaum 1978: Nussbaum, Martha: Aristotle’s „De Motu Animalium“. Princeton 1978.


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