I know that the error "Option clash for package xcolor. \RequirePackage" has been solved in numerous situations. However I don't know how to do it with the combination tikzposter and profcollege. My document starts with

\documentclass[25pt, a1paper, landscape]{tikzposter} % See Section 3

%tableau 01

Calling \usepackage{ProfCollege} triggers the error.

One can find the lines in ProfCollege.sty:

\RequirePackage[table,svgnames]{xcolor}%Gestion des couleurs
\RequirePackage{xstring}%Gestion de chaines de caractères



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Presumably both tikzposter and ProfCollege loads xcolor but only the latter with options. This currently gives issues in LaTeX.

The standard remedy is something like

\documentclass[25pt, a1paper, landscape]{tikzposter}

Because now xcolor will have been loaded with table and svgnames at the time tikzposter loads xcolor as well, and in that case then loading in tikzposter does nothing.

As far as I know there are being worked on this option class issue. Though when that work is completed is unknown.

  • You're great! Many thanks.
    – Jean-Pat
    Feb 28, 2023 at 13:54

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