When iftoggle condition is used, first letter after the condition is removed in the output. Consider below code

First sentence.\iftoggle{test}{ Second sentence.} Last sentence.

If one executes above code, it renders "First sentence. Second sentence.ast sentence." removing "L"!. Can any one tell me how to correct it?

  • Please provide a complete mwe. However iftoggle has three arguments! The first one is the toggle name the second one your group { .. } and the third one your L. Commented Aug 18, 2012 at 11:37

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The test iftoggle is a command with three mandatory arguments with the following syntax:

\iftoggle{ name }{ true }{ false }

Expands to true if the state of the boolean flag name is true, and to false otherwise.

In your example you have the following test:

\iftoggle{test}{ Second sentence.} Last sentence

with this setting:

name  ==> test
true  ==> Second sentence.
false ==> L

This happens because a standard mandatory argument is braced by curly brackets or it can be a single token.

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