I'm very new to LaTeX.

I have read Is plotting exponential graphs a known source of bugs in TikZ? and implemented the code Jake supplied and this fixed the current problem. Thanks Jake :).

On this same page and in other forums people have mentioned a CVS install, should I take this step? I don't really know what it is as I use MikTex 2.9 and it says TikZ is current, yet my exponential graphs are the only one's that break. I am a math teacher/tutor and trying to use LaTeX for all my documents now, it's a big learning curve but the results are worth it. So will a CVS install be of greater benefit? And if so, how do I install this with the MikTeX Manager, or else wise.


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You cannot install TiKZ CVS version with MikTeX Package Manager but you can add it in your local tex tree. MikTeX's manual chapter Integrating Local Additions explains how to add and manage your own packages.

You can download CVS version from sourceforge but also can find some TDS builds at Altermundus web page or tlcontrib

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    @Therese You can also get the CVS version here : http://perso.mines-albi.fr/~gaborit/latex/tikz-pgf.html Aug 18, 2012 at 19:26

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