I can draw the following type of Notes-Box:

enter image description here

Can someone please suggest me how to draw this type of Notes-Box:

enter image description here

The second one is different from the first one in 2 ways:

  • We can add text below the picture (In the first one, picture occupies the left frame completely)

  • The second box does not cover the entire space. We can write text on Left side as well.


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You can use a minipage inside a \fcolorbox; the wrapfigure environment from the wrapfig package can be used to let the text wrap around the box; inside the minipage, the positioning for the image and the title can be achieved using, for example, \parboxes. In the following example I defined a new environment mybox with the help of the environ package; the mandatory argument is used for the title of the box:




\begin{mybox}{The Title}

enter image description here

Since the environment uses the wrapfig package, the idiosyncrasies of wrapfig apply here too (refer to the package documentation for details).

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