I'm writing a book on GeoGebra that I will use to teach at school. I used The Legrand Orange Book template and modified its appearance as shown in the following image. enter image description here I want to insert an ornament (for example an ornament with the number 88) in the footer of every page of the book. As shown in the following figure. enter image description here How to? Thus this question. Thank you for any information and answers given.

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    Does that template use the fancyhdr package? If it does, you can define the content of page footers, however you wish. See fancyhdr documentation. But since most of use here do not use that template, we would have to guess.
    – rallg
    Mar 22 at 15:32
  • Yes, template use the fancyhdr package.
    – Aan Triono
    Mar 22 at 15:43
  • Good! Then you will be able to solve the problem yourself. It would be possible, but difficult, for us to do it for you. What you need to do is define the fancyfoot command so that it places what you want, where you want it. And, you will need to use pagestyle fancy. EDIT: See the answer posted below, by hair-splitter.
    – rallg
    Mar 22 at 15:46

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The following code shows a possible solution:


enter image description here


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