I found this two-column template for research paper on Overleaf.


I love the style of the paper and I would like to write my paper in a similar format but it seems I cannot get rid of the heading. This is the documentclass


Can someone help me please? If not, could someone help me locate a similar two-column template? Overleaf did not have good options besides this one.

  • why do you want to search for a similar class? simply dowload the file from overleaf Commented Mar 26, 2023 at 11:42

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Overleaf runs a standard texlive so if you have a project using one of their templates you can download it and use locally.

From the link you gave select Open as Template which gives you a project using that class.

Then in the left menu select Download Source

enter image description here

and you will get a zip file you can unzip and use locally.

Note the warnings suggest the class has serious bugs but that's a different issue.

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