I am wondering how to insert the name of the conference in the title of my presentation immediately after the date?

I'll highly appreciate your help! Thank you!

enter image description here


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As the date is the last element of your title page, you could simply add the conference name after it. If this creates too much spacing between the date and the conference name, you could manually tweak it a bit:



  Conference name

enter image description here

  • But in your template I do not see University?
    – RFZ
    Mar 31, 2023 at 13:23
  • 1
    @ZFR I did not set an \institute, which is presumably what you used to add an university. Mar 31, 2023 at 13:27
  • Great! It helped me actually! +1
    – RFZ
    Mar 31, 2023 at 15:26

On top of my comment, you can also use

\titlegraphic{XX conference}

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