I would like to put a small graphic in the bottom right corner of a the title page of an article. Is there a way to specify a precise location for a graphic on a page (that has text on it)?

I've tried doing it with a \parbox but haven't been able to so far.

  • The textpos package is probably the easiest way to insert a graphic at an absolute position on the page.

  • eso-pic can do the same and is capable of adding such picture commands to several or all pages.

  • atbegshi could be used directly to hook into TeX's shipout mechanism to insert pictures. This package is used by eso-pic which might serve as the easier front-end.

  • everyshi is an older package for the same purpose like atbegshi. It works but I would recommend the more modern atbegshi.

  • if you would like to use TikZ: the current page node allows drawing on the current page using absolute coordinates. Have a look at Abolute positioning examples in the TikZ example gallery.


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