I want to create a glossary and to name it "Glosario" (Spanish), but despite my attempts it continues to print "Glossary". MWE:

\usepackage[nonumberlist, toc]{glossaries}

\newglossaryentry{CLR}{name=CLR,description={El ambiente de ejecución para el código gestionado}}
\newglossaryentry{.NET}{name=.NET,description={.Net es un framework para el desarrollo de aplicaciones de código gestionado desarrollado por Microsoft.}}

El \gls{CLR} blablalbla

\printglossary[style=altlist, toctitle=Glosario]

In your example, replace




See pages 12-15 of the glossaries documentation for details.

EDIT: You may also omit toctitle=Glosario in the optional argument of \printglossaries.

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  • Thank you! it works, i'm going to look more in deep the documentation. – mjsr Dec 9 '10 at 18:34

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