I'm writing a nonfiction book with the memoir class and the usual parts (cover art, colophon, dedication, foreword, parts, chapters, creations, etc.).

I finished the print version. I'm amazed at how well tex4ebook coverts to EPub but I am seeing I need to simplify my formatting in places and adapt to what tex4ebook expects.

Are there any sample repos for LaTeX books that convert nicely with tex4epub? I feel like I'm going down a well trodden path and would love a shortcut.

  • I found the code here might make a decent repo. I have it running and will build repo and make it available when done. The only issue I'm running into is the newpage commands are ignored in ReadEra. Apr 16, 2023 at 22:39
  • 1
    You can try to add some CSS frameworks using the \Configure{AddCss} command, but the problem is still the incomplete CSS support in ePub readers :/
    – michal.h21
    Apr 17, 2023 at 10:21


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