I recently downloaded the SF Pro font from https://developer.apple.com/fonts/ on a MacBook Pro with MiKTeX installed. However, when I try to use it with XeLaTeX, the log says the font probably doesn't exist, even though I can use it on Word, Keynote, etc. In general, it seems that any downloaded fonts won't work. Any suggestions?

(Edit:) In the following example, changing SF Pro with DIN Alternate or Futura (which are system fonts in macOS) will work.




\setmainfont{SF Pro}

Hello LaTeX.

In log:

Package fontspec Info: Could not resolve font "SF Pro/B" (it probably doesn't (fontspec) exist).

Thanks in advance!


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After playing a lot with the fonts, I uninstalled them from the FontBook and reinstalled them dragging them into the /Library/Fonts folder directly. Somehow it worked, as I think it installed them system-wide.

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    if /Library/Fonts and not ~/Library/Fonts then yes it is system wide. I am not sure you can say fonts are "installed in the FontBook" or "uninstalled from the FontBook" but your probably refer to some maneuvers done there.
    – user691586
    Apr 18 at 20:52

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