I'm using a tabular* with rubber spacing to fill the complete width of the page. This works fine, except that when I use \cline, the line is not complete. It seems that \cline does not cover the spacing. I'm using pdflatex. Below you will find a code example. Any ideas on how to fix this?

 \usepackage{array} % for defining a new column type
 \usepackage{varwidth} %for the varwidth minipage environment
 \newcolumntype{M}{>{\begin{varwidth}{6cm}}l<{\end{varwidth}}} %M is for Maximal column
 \begin{tabular*}{15.5cm}{@{\extracolsep{\fill}} | M | r | r | r | r |}
   \bf Omschrijving & \bf Hoeveelheid & \bf Prijs & \bf SubTotaal & \bf BTW\\
   Armband 2 & 1 & 256.00 & 256.00 & 19.00\% \\
   \multicolumn{3}{c |}{} & SubTotaal & 256.00\\
   \multicolumn{3}{c |}{} & BTW (19.0) & 48.64\\
   \multicolumn{3}{c |}{}  & \bf Totaal & \bf 304.64\\

That's caused by \extracolsep{\fill} which produces the space that \cline doesn't fill. You could verify that by removing @{\extracolsep{\fill}}.

Besides removing that rubber length, you could repair it by

  • inserting another one such as

\begin{tabular*}{15.5cm}{@{\extracolsep{\fill}}| M | r | r |@{\extracolsep{0pt}}r | r |}

  • or by using a width-fitting tabular environment which adjust the columns width instead of the column separation: tabularx. This would be my choice.

Further I strongly recommend to omit all these vertical lines which obstruct the reading. Good tables don't need to be grids! Have a look at the booktabs package and its documentation. I would use perhaps a top line, a seperation line below the header and a bottom line, but no vertical line at all. Compare tables in good books, you're able to typeset fine tables too.

  • I actually tried using "@{\extracolsep{0pt}" but that did not work. Was I doing something wrong? Did this work for you? However, I strongly second the "tabularx" and "booktabs" suggestions. Those are my preferred packages anyday. – Jimi Oke Dec 10 '10 at 2:38
  • @Jimi: It worked for me, I tested it. In your comment, a closing brace is missing. Could this be the reason? Otherwise I could post a minimal working example. – Stefan Kottwitz Dec 10 '10 at 12:36
  • This works, but it also removes the spacing. The longest text is against the left line. I guess this is logical as @{\extracolsep{0pt}} removes the spacing. I will look into tabularx for a better solution. – Stephan Dec 10 '10 at 17:31
  • @Stephan: spacing could be done within the column, by \makebox or \hspace for instance. But tabularx is better because that already adjusts column inner width. – Stefan Kottwitz Dec 10 '10 at 17:35
  • I had the closing brace but my problem was I placed @{\extracolsep{0pt}} in the wrong column. Thanks. – Jimi Oke Dec 10 '10 at 19:15

As mentioned before (without example), this is provided by the tabularx package.

More specifically, it provides the X column type that stretches that specific column as needed to fill the width of the table.

Common usage has the format:

\usepackage{tabularx}% http://ctan.org/pkg/tabularx

Here is your minimal example:

%\usepackage{array}% http://ctan.org/pkg/array
\usepackage[margin=1cm]{geometry}% http://ctan.org/pkg/geometry
\usepackage{tabularx}% http://ctan.org/pkg/tabularx
    %\newcolumntype{M}{>{\begin{varwidth}{6cm}}l<{\end{varwidth}}} %M is for Maximal column
    \begin{tabularx}{\linewidth}{| p{6cm} | X | X | X | X |}
        \textbf{Omschrijving} & \textbf{Hoeveelheid} & \textbf{Prijs} & \textbf{SubTotaal} & \textbf{BTW} \\     \hline
        Armband 2 & 1 & 256.00 & 256.00 & 19.00\% \\     \hline
        \multicolumn{3}{c |}{} & SubTotaal & 256.00 \\     \multicolumn{3}{c |}{} & BTW (19.0) & 48.64 \\     \multicolumn{3}{c |}{} & \textbf{Totaal} & \textbf{304.64} \\     \cline{4-5}

Tabularx example


This isn't really an answer, but I would like to say that the from a bit of fiddling around it would seem that \extracolsep doesn't play very nicely with \cline regardless of the rubberlength

    one&two&three\\    \cline{2-3}
    one&two&three\\    \cline{1-2}
    one&two&three\\    \cline{2-2}
    one&two&three\\    \cline{3-3}

results in:

alt text

There are a few things that are wrong:

  • Why is the first column so squished?
  • Why isn't there space added to the right and left of every column?
  • Why are the clines not going all the way to the verticals?

I know that this is not an answer... and I apologize, if people think that I should repost this as a question, I'd happily do that. Just to appease the gods, I've marked this answer CW so that people can convert the question into a real answer, as I think that there are issues here that are very relevant to the original question.

  • 1
    \extracolsep affects subsequent columns but will not insert space before the first column. Leslie Lamport wrote this in his book "A Document Preparation System" which is kind of a reference manual. However, for the first column a @{\hspace{1cm} would work. – Stefan Kottwitz Dec 10 '10 at 12:50

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